Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Projects

When I got back from San Diego, I was lucky enough to still have two days off (I love working part time), so I decided to complete some of the projects for the garden I was working on before I left. Here is my completed pot:

I still have to put the Jade in it...hopefully it will be happy with it.

While I was gone Matt put the rest of the lights up. Here are a few pictures:

I also got the front porch rearranged. I clumped together the shade plants and also the tropical ones.
I also received 11 trees in the mail because we made a donation to the Arbor Foundation....we are starting them up in pots.
Any tips or pointers would be appreciated, since Matt and I are at a loss as to how to make sure they are protected from the Baton Rouge wind but still get plenty of light.

In other news, my Dad left for England two weeks ago. We miss him but have discovered Skype. We added a camera to our laptop and now we can all see each other whenever we want (well not including time changes and working). He posts pictures from his weekends and it looks like he is enjoying the nice weather they have been having going to see gardens and museums.


Zachawii said...

KMEWALT is a Blogger! WAHOO!!!:-D

Emily said...

I love the pots! They look great!