Sunday, March 25, 2012

Looking at Pictures tonight

And guess what we found.  A picture of Matt, Orson, Ferdinand and I all around the same age....

 Matt and Ferd are the most similar but they do share a few features with me too :)

In other news, Ferdinand is up to 26 inches and 13.7 lbs (we have another weigh in next month because he lost a pound or so from his last weigh in....he was sick though so we shall see).  He loves to make noise, has rolled over in his sleep and is always so happy.

Orson now says bicycle instead of Good to Go :( But you should hear him try to say Land Cruiser and Daffodil (dafbeautiful).  He is growing like a weed and no one believes him when he says he is three, so he tells them he is 4 instead.

Last but not least, Matt was promoted to Project Manager this week!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When life gives you Lemons

This evening sucked.  Matt is off on his adventure and one of the ladies I met at bible study invited us over for dinner with her kids to help the evening pass.  I should have know it wasn't going to go well after observing Orson at his swim class.  I pretty sure he pushed one kid off of the steps into the water (although he says he didn't) and I know for sure that he did not follow a single instruction from the teacher that involved sitting still.  I was already super upset with him leaving swimming....why didn't I just call, canceled and go home?
Anyway, dinner. 
Orson ran around their house like a mad man, taking toys away from the little girl, giving their 11 month old hugs that knocked them both down, driving their playschool car over everything (including people), etc.  Then he sat for dinner (but only ate fruit) and then he and the little girl went into the other room to got really quite....they had colored all over the immaculate carpet with blue crayon.  She played it off, I scrubbed the life out of the carpet with resolve....its still on their carpet.  I want to cry.  The rest of the evening went almost as badly and as  we were leaving Orson spotted their play tent and refused to come out.  I still want to cry.  It was horrible and I am sure that they will never ask us over again, ever.  I really want to cry, I really liked her.  And now, I am embarrassed to go to Bible Study, no one else will ever invited us over, I am sure. 

How do I make lemonade out of that?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Making Things with the Boys

Sometimes having boys means that you end up doing something you never even thought about.  Today, during F's nap, I asked Orson if he wanted to make something (in my mind I was thinking cookies), he asked to make Dinosaur Shoes! So I gave it a quick google (didn't really find anything) and gave it a think.  I ran upstairs and grabbed some old shoe boxes, masking tape and construction paper....

 He decided they needed some more embellishment, so he added on left over paper scrapes that I cut up into little shapes.

 He also made a flying truck in honor of Daddy who left on an airplane this morning to pick up his truck in Oregon.