Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer fun

The last couple of days we have been busy with our friends.  Lots of people are moving away by the end of this summer so we are having playgroups by the bucket load.  

We had a swim party at Jamie's house.  Orson even went to the first step of the pool, which was further then I was willing to go, it was chilly water :)
but the playhouse was the real hit.

Then yesterday was our last playgroup that Penny and Griffin will attend.  Their mommy got a great teaching job in middle California and they are moving this weekend.  We will miss them but it does mean that we now have friends only 20 min from the Monterrey Bay Aquarium!

We tried really hard to capture all the kids in one photo, it of course didn't work but here are my attempts. 

 Below is the best of everyone :)

 And then there were a few hams that wanted to see a picture of themselves.

 Our newest mommy group addition, Jude...

Orson's sleeping has been a little hit and miss lately which resulted in a very early wake up for me yesterday...I spent some of the time out in the garden trying to coax the birds into showing themselves for my camera.

 Its hard to see in the little picture but this is Mr and Mrs Gold Finch, they seem to love our garden and fountain.
 Mrs. Hummingbird stopped by, I was hoping that her mate would come take his morning bath but no luck.

And just to remember, some favorite Orson stuff:
He is in love with the baby in my belly, kisses, hugs, talks, toys all go to it instead of me now
Whales, sharks and other ocean related stuff is one of his favorite topics of conversation, as is asking to go to the beach.
Dinosaur Train is his favorite kids show and he normally wakes up to tell me about dinosaur related dreams that he has had.
His favorite mantra the car is "No nap, no go home, no naps"
He asks if his "friends are comin" all the time
He is potty trained almost completely when he is awake and not wearing underwear....
His dad is his favorite person
He asks to go ride an airplane to see Grandpa Jones all the time (I think he misses our trip to England almost as much as I do)
and he loves his little pool in the yard

Monday, July 18, 2011

Orson this weekend (part 3 of 3)

Orson started his weekend off on Friday with his first class of gymnastics at Flip it in Roseville (thanks Aunt Annie):
 The swings were his favorite part.

Then he joined Matt and I on the camping trip :)
 Orson at the playground:

Helping set up the camp site (aka how to contain a two year old when attention is elsewhere):
Orson at the gardens:

At the beach:

Running around:

Lanscape and Flowers (2 of 3)

Glass Beach:

Mendocino Botanical Seaside Gardens:


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