Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween should be the entire month of October!

This month some of my fellow crazy moms and I decided to celebrate Halloween every Wednesday by dressing up the babies in as many different costumes as we could. It was tons of fun...maybe Halloween should just be every Wednesday from now on :)

Orson's first costume (and one that he has worn multiple times since) was a Superman PJ set that I found on sale at Target. He looks awesome in a cape!

Gina has lots of costumes on the ready for Lucy...her fist outfit was the Pirate costume that she wore to a themed birthday party earlier in the week. Lucy even had a toy parrot :)

The next week we had a potluck to celebrate of course Orson had to wear his ladderhosen (sp). I must say he made an awfully cute German. Of course this led to me having a crazy dream about Matt and I and our seven or eight kids dressing up as the Von Trapp family and caroling instead of trick or treating for Halloween :)

The next week a costume from Auntie Anne was suppose to come in the mail but the postal service failed us, so instead, Orson went as Thisbe from a Midsummer's Night Dream (a guy dressed up as a girl to make friends with another girl to see if said girl loves him). Lucy didn't fall for the get-up but he was awfully debonair with a mustache and goatee.

Early the next week, Orson and Penny found some fun animal noses at MSN and decided to try them on. It was pretty funny.

Now that the weather is turning colder, the babies have decided that hats and warm clothes are fun to wear. Lucy was simply adorable in this hat and the leg warmers I made for her....

and Orson was just too cute all bundled up for a walk in the neighborhood.

Orson took matters into his own hands one afternoon and dressed himself up as the vest monster caged in his crib.

Finally the week of Halloween rolled around. Lucy came to MSN in her Garden Gnome costume. Unfortunately she got into a fight with her stair case earlier in the week (you should see the stair case now that she taught it a lesson) but she still made a cute gnome.

And Orson joined his fellow Star Wars fans in the costume Auntie Anne sent....a super cool X-Wing fighter pilot!

Then the big day rolled around and I finally got to put Orson into the costume I had worked so hard he is Orson the Owl :)

It was so fun to create a complete outfit, I made everything except the onesie....even the shoes and leg warmers!

Then we got invited to a party and I ended up making Matt a blue bird costume and me a red bird one.

I think we made a pretty nice flock tonight.

!!!Happy Halloween!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

New Pictures of Orson

I thought it was time to post some new pictures of the little man. The Halloween post (coming out after the day) should be full of fun costumes but we have been up to a few other fall activities this month.

Orson has been playing outside with his friends and sisters a lot now that the weather is nice.

We also went to the local Waldorf school's fall festival. Their grounds were amazing, they are right over the river, they have a working farm and garden and their pre-school area is amazing! If only their price tag wasn't so outrageous!!!!! Anyway, Orson really liked the chairs built to fit him :)

Lastly, we went out to the farm that provides out veggie box every week to pick pumpkins and enjoy their harvest party. It was lots of fun.

As you can see Orson can now ride on our shoulders without us having to hold his hands, although Matt is more brave about doing so then I.

On the drive home, we saw a Bald Eagle!

Have a happy and safe All Saints and All Souls weekend

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stats for Orson

Orson had his 9 month check up on Friday. He is still growing weighing in at 20 lbs 10 oz and measuring almost 31 inches. His head has grown a lot and is now 18.5 inches....they seemed a little concerned that it had gained so much but since we had a different nurse then the normal one, the Doc decided it must just be user error :) I just figured his gray cells were growing (where else is all that food getting stored!). Anyway, I have completed his Halloween costume and will post pictures of all of his costumes from this month on Nov 1st.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Where does the time go?

Life, as usual, seems to have run away with me again. Things having been moving at the Ewalt house, Orson is into everything and learning all sorts of new behaviors, Matt has decided that we need to start taking off road/back country adventures in his SUV and the doctors have decided that I may have Celiac disease and have therefore put me on a three month gluten free trial diet.

As far as the gluten free diet, I have gotten over my original panic and we are settling into spending lots more on groceries, trying out new recipes and eating things that look like bread but don't quite taste or feel like it :) In truth, it hasn't been all bad, its fun to be in the kitchen experimenting and getting excited about creating and I did make some killer lemon squares the other day. So far, I haven't felt a big difference in how I feel but I was warned that it could take all three months before I did.

The off roading adventures started yesterday, we all piled in the truck (Orson, dogs and all) around 10 am to go on the adventure, only to have the car not start. So we all jumped back out and Matt went to go pick up a new battery. He got back, got the thing in, we all piled back in and started the 2 hours drive up into the mountains. When we finally arrived at a beautiful little lake, we got out to have lunch (realized that Matt's hill top parking spot was too windy) piled back in to move the truck.....didn't start. A nice family that was there fishing, came over to help, Orson and I and the wife from the other family got into their minivan and took off to try and get cell phone reception, to call a tow dice. We finally found a police officer (who called a tow truck for us) and then headed back to the lake. Upon arrival, the truck was nowhere to be seen....Matt had gotten it started and headed out to find us, luckily he saw us drive by and turned around. So after saying thanks a million times, we set out to try out the off road trail. I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as Matt did and the fact that we were scared to turn off the truck meant that any hiking was out....but we made it home safely and Orson only kept us up all night in retaliation for making him sit in his car seat for so long.

Speaking of Orson....this last month he has decided that sleeping is no fun and has started waking up during the night more often then he did as a new born. We have tried letting him cry (read scream in Orson's case) it out, soothing him to sleep, nursing him....basically you name it we have tried it, and none of it works. Any ideas would be very appreciated :)

Not a whole lot else has been going on, we took a trip to Apple Hill and brought back a bunch of apples that I need to turn into pies and sauces.

We also went to the zoo.

The weather has turned cool and pleasant and so we have been spending lots of time in the backyard...Orson is working on climbing up the slide.

He is also starting in on finger foods....his first choice was the smiling top of a pepper!

I taught Orson, Lucy and 4 or 5, 3 or 4 year-olds an art class at MSN that went well. Orson loved getting his hands into the finger paint and making a picture! And we are working on our holiday plans, who wants Super Orson at there house for the holidays?