Friday, October 30, 2009

New Pictures of Orson

I thought it was time to post some new pictures of the little man. The Halloween post (coming out after the day) should be full of fun costumes but we have been up to a few other fall activities this month.

Orson has been playing outside with his friends and sisters a lot now that the weather is nice.

We also went to the local Waldorf school's fall festival. Their grounds were amazing, they are right over the river, they have a working farm and garden and their pre-school area is amazing! If only their price tag wasn't so outrageous!!!!! Anyway, Orson really liked the chairs built to fit him :)

Lastly, we went out to the farm that provides out veggie box every week to pick pumpkins and enjoy their harvest party. It was lots of fun.

As you can see Orson can now ride on our shoulders without us having to hold his hands, although Matt is more brave about doing so then I.

On the drive home, we saw a Bald Eagle!

Have a happy and safe All Saints and All Souls weekend

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