Friday, February 7, 2014

Trying to take pictures of the boys

Can be such a challenge!!!!

Sometimes I can catch them as they pause in their play

Sometimes it takes a few shots to get it right

 Finally one!

Hold still for just a sec, never seems to work

 And then it does

And all three is impossible it seems

 Except sometimes if you take enough shots, you capture all three smiling and its worth it!
And truly, all those in between shots so capture our crazy, silly, adventurous boys, so when we look back, those will be the ones that make us smile.

Orson's 5th Birthday

Orson asked to have a Perry the Platypus Birthday this year and I think we nailed the theme on the head!  I can't believe how big my little man has gotten, 5 just seems so old to this mother's heart.

We invited friends from school, church and Cars and Coffee.  It was fun to have the house so full!

We played pin the tail on the platypus.

"Where's Perry" (Find the hidden Perry Tattoos)

You're so busted (Popping all the balloons by sitting on them)

and "Look for clues" (the kids went around the house with their fedoras and magnifying glasses)

Then we had cake (Orson wanted a rainbow Perry cake with chocolate and vanilla and MnM cookies...heck yes I did it all!)

Then we played a little more and opened presents.

Orson had so much fun.  Ferdinand hid upstairs for the entire thing (came down at the very end long enough to eat some cake and then disappeared again), and Theodore played with everyone.

Unfortunately we had boxes everywhere but we managed not to lose any kids in them!  Happy Birthday to my super sweet boy, amazing big brother, argumentative, curious, intelligent, silly, 5 year old.