Saturday, November 2, 2013

Monkey in the middle is TWO!!!!

Holy cow, Ferdinand is two today! I just can't believe that two years have gone by, that we have lived in this house for two years, that we have added two beautiful boys into our life in the last two years, that we have been so very blest these last two years.


1st Birthday


For his birthday I went with a robot theme (since everything he sees is a robot, including the Kitchen Aid Mixer, cookie robot?).  I had fun with the decorations (pretty hard to find, even online).  Orson helped make some of them as well, which was really neat.  

Orson and I made robot window clings to decorate around the house.  We also made smaller ones for the kids to take home as thank you treats.

Orson's creation

One of mine

The presents and favor table.  Orson helped make all of the pinata candy bags.

Gear Bean Bag Toss

Make your own marshmallow robots

We found a couple of dancing robots that Ferdinand loved 

Robot Dress Ups, the robot voice changers were a big hit with the 2 and under crowd

Nuts, Bolts and Fuel

A reading corner full of our favorite robot books

And a make your own Robot mask coloring station that the bigger kids got into.

After the games and crafts it was time for robot cake

and then the Robot pinata and some outside time to blow off a little of that sugar and to take advantage of a perfect fall day.

Then a chance to take pictures of our friends!

 Irene, Dave and Amelia

Claire and Anna


My cute husband!

and last but not least present opening and playtime. 

Some Ferdinand memories.  He says NOOOO every time you try to take his pictures, he loves his brothers but also likes to bite the crude out of Orson, he does the cutest rock n roll face, he loves music, swinging, singing, going for a walk in the mall, cuddles and kisses, and being plain silly.  He is talking up a storm and constantly surprises Matt and I with the words he tests out.  He thinks he can jump but really just rocks up on his toes and screams JUMP.  Speaking of screaming, he is a major screamer both happy and mad.  He is still in love with his pacifiers or Shnuck a Noocks as we call them at our house.  He is beautiful and adorable and uses it to his advantage whenever possible.   I can not imagine our family without his bright ball of sunshine and sometimes rain.  He keeps us on our toes and reminds us to be joyful.