Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Boys

Orson sleeping at 2 weeks:

Ferdinand sleeping at 2 weeks:

Orson lounging after a meal:

Ferdinand lounging:

I think they are brothers :)

Ferdinand is a squeaker...he keeps me up at night wondering what in the world all the sounds coming from him are about. 
He loves to cuddle on my chest (or Matt's) and he loves his swing.
He loves to watch Orson whenever he is awake. 

Orson is in love with Ferdinand, he gives him hugs, tells him that it will be ok when he is crying and offers him toys constantly.
Orson is also currently enthralled with Christmas trees (I can't wait to put up our decorations), fire trucks and his Daddy.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Week One

We have added a new member to our family and could not be more happy or feel more blessed.  Ferdinand Oliver was born at home November 2, 2011 after 13 hours of labor.  It was a very intense experience full of pain and ending in awe and joy and is not something I would trade for painkillers or a hospital ever again.  Our midwives were amazing and Matt was even more amazing.  He was my rock through the entire labor (just like with Orson's) and I could not have done it without him.  Labor started around 2:30 am and I waited to wake Matt up (because I didn't think it was real) until around 6.  We called the midwives shortly after and then prepared the bedroom for the day.  Orson woke up a little after 9 and was great through out everything.  He spent most of the day with Grandpa watching movies and coming up every once in a while to check on me and tell me that I was doing a "great job" :)  Sometime in the early afternoon my water broke and everything became much more intense and extremely painful.  I tried getting in the tub but felt trapped in it and as I was bleeding a little more then normal, the midwives preferred that I give birth in the bed.  Ferdinand's head came out with the cord wrapped around twice and his shoulder was a little stuck behind my pelvis but the midwives acted quickly and were able to get him out without injury to him and with only a little tare for me.  Apparently my first response to Matt saying it was a boy was "well I guess we will just have to try again."  My response to seeing Ferdinand was instant love and joy.  He is already an amazing member of our family and all of us adore him.  

Ferdinand came out at 9lbs, 22 inches (although we all think he is longer, he just wouldn't stretch his legs out).  His head was 15 cm around, over 5 inches!  He is olive skinned, has darkish eyes and lots and lots of dark hair (not just on his head).  My favorite is that he has little hairy butt :)  He is a good sleeper and an even better eater (he was back to birth weight within 3 days of coming out).  He is also super alert when he is awake and the midwives said that as soon as his head came out that he was giving them the stink eye.   

We had a list of names ready for the little guy but ended up feeling like none of them fit.  That night Matt sat up in bed and said, "What about Ferdinand?"  I looked up the meaning the following day and thought it was perfect for our family and Oliver (also not on the list) fit right in.  His names mean: Adventure/traveler and Peacemaker.  After a week I cannot picture him as anything else and even nicknames don't seem to fit. 

And here are the pictures:

Right after the birth:
 Daddy cutting the cord a couple of hours after birth
 Hairy little man
 Orson (above) and Daddy below cuddling baby
 Long arms, looking cute and first smile:

 Mommy being spoiled with amazing bedside service from Daddy (who knew he could actually cook!) I got amazing meals every night this week, great lunches and the best scrambled eggs for breakfast.
 Lounging after a meal
 Orson glowing with big brother pride
 My boys!

 And Orson getting lots of bonding time with Dad.
Welcome baby Ferdinand.  We are so glad you are here and that you didn't wait as long as Orson did to come out.