Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ferdinand and Orson

A quick update on the little men in my life.  The boys are both getting bigger and bigger (As Orson is fond of saying) every day and keeping up with them is becoming more and more entertaining/challenging.  Orson is showing off his smarts with new concepts, words and skills every time I turn around.  He can clear his own plate from the table, help me with entertaining Ferdinand, tell amazing stories, spend all day building with his legos, create complicated train tracks, "read" to me from his books, get his own snacks and well, is just constantly amazing me.  He is also fond of telling all of us that he loves us, that we are awesome and that we are the best, followed by awesome hugs and kisses.  Melts my heart every time!  He also self diagnosis stomach aches and head aches both of which he remedies with green apples.  He still asks to go see his friends in CA and sometimes asks me if we can have a birthday party so that they will come visit.  We miss are CA friends.
 Orson refuses to take naps but the hot weather has been wearing him out...I find him asleep in the most uncomfortable places :)
 Dressing himself is still not always a sure thing.  He loves his shoes and hats though!

Orson singing his ABCs and FUGs :)

Ferdinand is growing like a weed.  The child eats more then I think he can actually hold and his favorite food right now is chicken and veg curry!  He is starting to want to eat finger foods and thoroughly enjoys creating large messes when ever possible.  He has also taken to screaming for anything and everything he wants.  I can't wait until signs start sinking in and he can communicate that way.  He loves playing with his brother and I can tell I am going to have to watch him around Orson's little toys, he is already trying to figure out the legos.  

 Our little toy hoarder

 Pancakes on the 4th of July.  He couldn't decide if he wanted to eat them or wear them

 I will feed the baby food to myself Daddy, you are not fast enough!

And to end, a few recent family shots

Life according to Orson and his camera

These are the pictures from Orson's camera for the last month.  All pictures he either took or asked me to take for him.

Fun at home
Last Day of Preschool Field Trip to the Zoo

 Trip to the Tram Museum
 Lazy Days at Home

 Friends over to Visit
Orson as the family Photographer
 Skyping with Grandpa and Tia Sofie

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The pots in my Life

I realized that I haven't posted a single thing about my garden here in Va. It's not very big and it's back to pots but surprisingly we have had some pretty good production.

Late winter I started a few veggies inside, ordered some pots that would fit on my porch and then counted down the days to spring. I love a variety, so I ended up planting a good mix of flowers, herbs, veggies and fruits. So far the squirrels have beaten us to every strawberry but we have beaten them to a few of the raspberries.  The blueberry bush did not produce this year but it is very small, so maybe next year. The peppers have taken off with the jalapeƱo being the clear winner, and the tomatoes are finally starting to ripen.  The potatoes seem to be doing great and the squashes are starting to bloom. In the front yard, the carrots, onions and leaks are starting to make a show but I think those strawberries aren't going to produce. Back on the back deck, all the herbs are doing great except that not a single rosemary plant survived, I have no idea why!

The best thing looming on the porch? My beautiful boys :)

 Water and sand is a big hit with both :)

I am so excited, my canning equipment just came in this week.  I made my first batch of jam and pickled some of those jalapenos!