Monday, January 30, 2017

Finding Joy

How do you find Joy on the hard days?  What small things rekindle it in your heart?  I feel like this is something many of my friends and myself have been dealing with this winter.  So I thought I would write out small ways I have been doing this, to remind myself now and sometime in the future when I have yet again forgotten.

First I fill my diffuser with happy oils
I research ideas for my preschool class and try them out with the kiddos or I have quiet time with God and ask him to show me the Joy in my life
 Which I then journal about, or list things to be grateful for or even instagram a picture (little things like hummingbirds at my feeder, sunshine through the window, dreams of my summer garden....)
If that doesn't work its time to join the kids in play.
Phone calls with JoJo
New stretching poses and exercise with O
Building planes from trash with Ferd
And everyone's favorite, ridiculous snap chat faces!
 And last but not least, photo shots with these adorable faces!

What are your go to Joy seekers? Exercise, stretching, chatting with friends a good book?