Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

Orson was a cowboy for Halloween this year.  We have been watching lots of Roy Rodgers and Calamity Jane lately and that combined with his awesome Texas boots led to a request to be a cowboy.  It worked out well for me since I had plenty of material leftovers in my craft boxes to make up a costume.  

Boots, Chaps, Vest and Hat (thanks Grandma), what more does a cowboy need?
 Oh yes, his horse! (a second birthday present from the Whites)

 Cowboys are serious mom!

 I met up with an old neighbor/friend of Matt's from Portland last week for lunch and playtime (they just moved here from Florida in June) and she invited us to their house for a party and trick or treating (do to VA traffic we missed most of the party but we made it to trick or treat!).  It was so much fun to go out with a group and I look forward to many more play-dates with her family.  

 A cowboy and his Dad....Orson was much more nervous about decorations and such this year, so he had one of our hands almost all of the time.  He was however very good at saying Trick or Treat and then Thank You.  Yeah for manners!!

Oh and in case you are wondering, baby dressed up in its costume too.  It just wasn't quite out of my belly.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Fun

We have been so focused on house and baby around here that I realized that Orson and I haven't really talked about Halloween. So today we watched a Madeline Halloween special and a Charlie Brown one as well and then painted the baby pumpkins we got on our apple picking trip. Now what to do this rainy afternoon?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A whole lota catchin up to do

Well I thought it was about time I put up some pictures and caught up a little.  We have been super busy unpacking and I think we can officially say that all the boxes that were in the house are unpacked, the cardboard is put away or recycled, things have found homes and life is settling down, some what :)  There are still a million little things to do but we have actually gone on some weekend adventures (instead of just staying home and unpacking) and I have started cooking again (actually a lot, since my nesting instinct this time seems to be making freezable meals) and Orson has figured out which town home is ours when we come back from a walk.  The leaves around here are changing and the colors are wonderful, if baby doesn't come this week I think we will head out and do some hiking and picture taking.  Some of our local adventures have included a trip to the National Zoo (note to selves, never try to park at the zoo itself again), apple and pumpkin picking in Maryland and walks/playground visits in the neighborhood (we even saw an owl catch and eat a mouse on the trails right by our house!!!).  We have run into some very friendly people and this coming Thursday Orson and I are going to try out a playgroup we found out about at the church we decided to attend, wish us luck!  Here are some pictures from our adventures:

Walking around and playing at the playground:

 This is the view of the back of our town home
 Orson thought the jungle gym was awesome, especially when mommy showed him how to climb it (I think I forget how pregnant I am some times :)

 He made a friend by stealing his soccer ball, they had a blast together (the little boy was 4 and O had a good two inches on him!)

National Zoo:

Apple picking:
 Orson was in heaven, first a car trip, then a ferry and then...
 a tractor ride to the orchard!

 O's final pumpkin (or pinecone as he calls them) pick...a green one :)

 He also loved the snake squash!
Apple picking was a success, Orson has finally stopped asking to go to the beach (well mostly) and instead asks when we are going picking again.

Baby is still hanging out inside (for those of you who are curious) and the midwives think all looks and feels well.  I was measuring small but caught up again at this weeks appointment.  We have been out to their new office twice, Orson loves it.  It is on a small farm complete with gravel road (Matt loves this part) leading to it, goats in the neighbor's space and cats and dogs in the front garden.  Orson has taken to being very loving to my belly again and enjoys spending time in the afternoon cuddling in our bed and teaching the baby about monster trucks and race cars.

Overall life is good, though we miss our friends terribly and Orson asks constantly (as I do in my head) when his friends are coming, we are settled in and ready for baby and Matt is loving work.