Friday, February 27, 2009

Week of Firsts and other such stuff

This week Orson had many visitors. First, his Aunt Anne made it back into town and actually got to meet him this time. As you can see, she began teaching him peek-a-boo.

Kelley and Brayden Suggs also came to sunny Cali from Montana to visit. It was so wonderful to meet Brayden in person and to share a week with Kelley in person and not over the phone (as we shared our pregnancy).
The boys didn't really notice each other (although Brayden's cries confused Orson...he could never figure out how he made crying noises in rooms that he wasn't in). This is one of my favorite pictures since it looks as if they are sharing a joke.
Orson also had quite a few firsts this week. As you can see from some of his pictures, he broke out in pimples (according to the books he is kicking out the remainder of my hormones). He also grew two more inches and gained two more pounds. His (unofficial) weight is now 12 lbs and his height is 24 1/4 inches. He also received his first package addressed solely to him in the mail. It was from Grandma Pat.
Inside was a onesie with his initial on it. Go O for Orson!
He also had his first cake this week (no we didn't feed any of it to him, don't worry)
And spent time on his playmat for the first time. He loved it and couldn't figure out what was more fun, his toys or his mom and aunt's faces.
He also discovered the wonders of a mirror in his crib. He cooed and ahhed at the other baby for hours.
Lastly, he drove his first car this week...notice it was a classic like his Grandparents love.

Orson was also baptized this Sunday, Feb. 22, at the Newman Center. He wore the same gown that I and all my siblings wore at our baptisms. I can't wait to add his name to the hem of the gown.
Orson with his parents and his Godmother Aunt Anne

We had a little party for him afterward. Dan and Theresa, Kelley and Brayden and Aunt Anne were all there.

And last but not least, here they are....Orson's funny faces for this week.

I woke him up to take Kelley and Brayden to the airport...he wasn't all that happy with me.

And the next morning Orson decided that he was just too clean and peed all over himself (and everything else) thus he had to take an unplanned bath. The result was some really funny faces!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Orson Weeks 3 and 4

For those of you wondering if I even have any more plants left to talk about....just before Orson was born, both of my Christmas Cacti (one from my Grandmother and one from my Mom) bloomed. I was so excited and they were so pretty.

This week was a fun week. Just before Dad left, for Orson's 2nd week birthday, we went with my Dad into the Sierra foothills to taste wine. The weather was beautiful, Orson was great and the wine was so yummy! For me, it was just nice to be out and about. I borrowed a few pictures from my Dad that I thought ya'll would enjoy.

Orson also had his first bath (sans cord) that weekend. He seems to really enjoy the warm water and getting clean. He is not so happy when he has to get out though. I guess he is a water baby like I was.

For Orson's third week we were joined by Matt's Dad. Here is Orson, in his suit from Haley and Harrison, with his Grandpa Ewalt. They were both very happy to meet.

In Orson news...the outfit below is from the Pools...they sent it for him to grow into. He grew a little quicker then expected. At three weeks, Orson is now wearing 3 month clothes! They are a little big around the middle but fit just right in length. He started busting out of his new born clothes just before their box arrived.

Orson also discovered his hanging toys this week. He was sleeping in his bassinet one evening when we started to hear some noises. I looked over and he was grabbing for his toy and he actually grabbed the rings a few times!

We also got a few good shots with Orson ourselves this week. Matt took this one on his own.
and I think my dad actually took this one just before he left.

And last but not least...funny faces with Orson....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Orson Week 2

We have had a busy week here in Sacramento. Grandpa Jones has been in town to visit from London and he and Matt have been riding their bikes everyday (until today since it has started raining). I think it has been a great stress relief for Matt. Tomorrow we are hoping to head into the hills to taste some wine and enjoy the scenery. I can't wait to taste wine in California, I decided long ago that moving a pregnant woman to California is just plain mean!

Orson has enjoyed the attention of his Grandfather who has spent time reading to him (as you can see in the picture Orson prefers mysteries) and playing with him everyday. Of course Chaquita thinks that Dad came to visit her and has made sure that she gets at least one walk everyday and that he cuddles with her as much as he does with Orson even if that means sitting next to the little guy.

Orson also went with the three of us to visit the Davis California Bicycle Museum, has been to Costco twice and out to eat both Greek and Crepes! Busy second week of life.
Orson was all tired out once we got back from the museum!

Orson has also managed to go through multiple outfits a day and has made sure that his mommy does too. Apparently he just gets overexcited to eat and ends up puking at his meals around once a day. Not to mention all the diapers (and no we haven't started using the cloth ones yet) he has blown out!

Below are my favorite pictures of Orson for this week :)Snuggles has decided that she has to check on Orson ofter to make sure he is still there. She gets very concerned when he starts crying!
This one is Matt's favorite picture of the week

Capturing his smile has proven difficult with Orson but I finally got one!

Orson loves sleeping all stretched out in his bassinet

and he decided that he enjoyed the swing the Lucas' gave him