Thursday, February 5, 2009

Orson Week 2

We have had a busy week here in Sacramento. Grandpa Jones has been in town to visit from London and he and Matt have been riding their bikes everyday (until today since it has started raining). I think it has been a great stress relief for Matt. Tomorrow we are hoping to head into the hills to taste some wine and enjoy the scenery. I can't wait to taste wine in California, I decided long ago that moving a pregnant woman to California is just plain mean!

Orson has enjoyed the attention of his Grandfather who has spent time reading to him (as you can see in the picture Orson prefers mysteries) and playing with him everyday. Of course Chaquita thinks that Dad came to visit her and has made sure that she gets at least one walk everyday and that he cuddles with her as much as he does with Orson even if that means sitting next to the little guy.

Orson also went with the three of us to visit the Davis California Bicycle Museum, has been to Costco twice and out to eat both Greek and Crepes! Busy second week of life.
Orson was all tired out once we got back from the museum!

Orson has also managed to go through multiple outfits a day and has made sure that his mommy does too. Apparently he just gets overexcited to eat and ends up puking at his meals around once a day. Not to mention all the diapers (and no we haven't started using the cloth ones yet) he has blown out!

Below are my favorite pictures of Orson for this week :)Snuggles has decided that she has to check on Orson ofter to make sure he is still there. She gets very concerned when he starts crying!
This one is Matt's favorite picture of the week

Capturing his smile has proven difficult with Orson but I finally got one!

Orson loves sleeping all stretched out in his bassinet

and he decided that he enjoyed the swing the Lucas' gave him

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Mina said...

He makes funny faces and it's really cute. Can't wait to see you guys!