Friday, February 27, 2009

Week of Firsts and other such stuff

This week Orson had many visitors. First, his Aunt Anne made it back into town and actually got to meet him this time. As you can see, she began teaching him peek-a-boo.

Kelley and Brayden Suggs also came to sunny Cali from Montana to visit. It was so wonderful to meet Brayden in person and to share a week with Kelley in person and not over the phone (as we shared our pregnancy).
The boys didn't really notice each other (although Brayden's cries confused Orson...he could never figure out how he made crying noises in rooms that he wasn't in). This is one of my favorite pictures since it looks as if they are sharing a joke.
Orson also had quite a few firsts this week. As you can see from some of his pictures, he broke out in pimples (according to the books he is kicking out the remainder of my hormones). He also grew two more inches and gained two more pounds. His (unofficial) weight is now 12 lbs and his height is 24 1/4 inches. He also received his first package addressed solely to him in the mail. It was from Grandma Pat.
Inside was a onesie with his initial on it. Go O for Orson!
He also had his first cake this week (no we didn't feed any of it to him, don't worry)
And spent time on his playmat for the first time. He loved it and couldn't figure out what was more fun, his toys or his mom and aunt's faces.
He also discovered the wonders of a mirror in his crib. He cooed and ahhed at the other baby for hours.
Lastly, he drove his first car this week...notice it was a classic like his Grandparents love.

Orson was also baptized this Sunday, Feb. 22, at the Newman Center. He wore the same gown that I and all my siblings wore at our baptisms. I can't wait to add his name to the hem of the gown.
Orson with his parents and his Godmother Aunt Anne

We had a little party for him afterward. Dan and Theresa, Kelley and Brayden and Aunt Anne were all there.

And last but not least, here they are....Orson's funny faces for this week.

I woke him up to take Kelley and Brayden to the airport...he wasn't all that happy with me.

And the next morning Orson decided that he was just too clean and peed all over himself (and everything else) thus he had to take an unplanned bath. The result was some really funny faces!

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