Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Orson week 6

Well, this has been an eventful week so far! This weekend was full of many firsts for Orson and the fun has continued into the week.

Saturday was a big day. Matt bathed and dressed Orson for the first time by himself while I got ready. Not surprisingly, Orson ended up in his "O" for Orson outfit. They also seemed to have a blast in the bath judging by the amount of water splashed all over the counter tops.

That afternoon we went for our first hike with Orson, the stroller and the dogs at Auburn State Rec Area. There were some burly off-roading sections and tons of mud but Orson seemed to love it and the stroller did great. We all had tons of fun.
Later that evening, Matt and I were playing with Orson on the guest bed and he decided that the best game was rolling over from his belly (facing Daddy) onto his back to "find" mommy!

On Sunday we invited some friends over for dinner and therefore spent the day cleaning the house before they came. We tried out the baby carrier and found that while Orson enjoyed sleeping all curled up and cradled...

... he really preferred facing out and helping Mommy vacuum. I can't believe he is big enough to hold his head up and face out!

The real surprise was that night. I put Orson in bed after his 9pm feed and we didn't hear a peep out of him again until 6 am the next morning! Then to top it off he feel back asleep after that feeding and didn't wake up again until after 10 am. I felt like a new woman!

On Monday, after all of the great stuff that Orson had been up to over the weekend, I thought that he may be big enough to start using his bumbo. He loved being able to sit up (with the added help of a pillow) in the red chair surveying his kingdom.

That evening, after all of the phone calls for the day were for Orson, we decided that we should just convert the computer area into one that Orson could navigate on his own :)

The movie this week is of Orson singing along to the ABCs (his new favorite song). He loves to "sing" with me

And of course, this weeks funny Orson faces (the first one is for my dad)

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