Friday, February 12, 2010

More from the accident

So I have been putting off writing more about the last few weeks. But Matt has been home almost a week now, Orson is settling in, I am figuring out the new norm and things are getting better. We have so many, many people to thank for all of their help. I would not have ever been able to get through this without all of the support of family and friends. Life is different and probably will be for a long time. I miss getting to spend all day with Orson (yes we are in the same house but he is no longer the only one in need of my attention), I love seeing Matt all day but I also know that there will come a time when he is stir crazy and still unable to stir and things will be harder. I love getting to see so much of my family....their arrival and willingness to stay and help out has been amazing. Special thanks go to Brooke Wood, Lynda Lucas, Holly and Larry Hartman, Camille and Nate, my brother Nate, all the ladies from my moms group and to all the prayers, letter writers and flower senders!
A few pictures of the past weeks:

Orson and Matt getting to spend time together at the hospital (Matt could not wait to shave when he got home)

Orson waiting for his 1 year check up...such a big boy, he didn't want to sit with any of us (he is now 32.5 inches and 23.5 pounds)

Matt's view from the hospital in Sacramento

Orson getting a good cuddle from Dani

Anyways, I am mostly writing this to send a special thanks to our family's St. John. Pat wrote a letter to the editor that explains fully what he did for us. I would only add:

I met an angel Jan 22, 2010. I couldn't see his face (because I lost my glasses) and I was in too much shock to have a real conversation and yet....I knew that God and my mom were watching over me, that a man like this appeared in my hour of need.

As soon as Matt and I get our letter of thanks in the mail, I will be putting his address up on this site. If you feel so inclined, please send him a card of thanks as well. I want to shower his mail box and stuff it so full that he is never in doubt of the thanks we feel towards him.