Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Welcome Theodore Isaac

We welcomed our newest boy to the Ewalt Gang last week (Holy cow, its already been a week!).  Theodore Isaac was born at home Sunday, June 2 at 1:58 am.  He weighed in at 9.7 lbs and 21.5 inches and one week later he is already at 10 lbs and 23 inches.  This labour was my shortest yet and minus coming out with a hand  (and arm) up by his head, it went much smoother then the others as well.  The big boys slept through the entire process and were surprised with a brother when they woke up.  Orson was over the moon to meet baby Tie and asked immediately if he could teach him how to walk and when I said he was still kind of too little for that, Orson asked if he could teach him to crawl instead.  In the end, Orson was happy to get a chance to hold him and give him kisses.  Ferdinand is also excited to pat the baby and talk about the baby's socks but seems to be a little less enthusiastic now that he has realized that Theodore takes up a lot of mom's time.  Never the less both boys are always concerned with Theodore is crying and love to try to cuddle with me when I am nursing Theodore so they can give him loves.  

 Greeting the sunrise on his first day
 Big Big hands and feet

Theodore means Gift of God, as did my mom's name (he missed her birthday by just a few short hours) and Isaac means He who laughs.  Mostly we call him Theodore, but Matt is fond of Mr T, and Tie (his initials) is what Ferdinand can say.  Orson seems to have a slight mental block on his name and refers to him as the little baby most of the time.

So far Theodore does not like to be naked, as you can tell by his response to his first bath.

We are blessed that Matt is able to take some time off and the all the boys have been loving all the Daddy time.  It has made the transition to three go much more smoothly and has also guaranteed that no one feels totally left out during this time.   It also means that I have been blessed with lots of cuddle time and even a few naps!

Grandma and Grandpa Pat have already been to visit.  The boys loved the time and attention and the new trucks and headlamps that they got while the Grandparents were here.  Orson got to go around the block to his hearts content and even got to go to multiple car shows and the space museum over the weekend.  

Ferdinand's new favorite game, and the only way we could get hime to smile for pictures, is for everyone to pile their hands all together and then shout Go Team while waving their hands in the air.

Quick Ferd and Orson updates:

Ferdinand is now 19 months. Talking up a storm, in love with trucks, trains, planes, balls, shoes and hats.  Is constantly trying to trick us into going on a walk. Loves for people to read to him but doesn't like to let you hold the book or turn the pages.  Tries to do everything Orson does.  Knows how to get Orson in trouble and does quite often.  Picks pockets and purses if you look away.  Loves to dance and sing. And is trying to figure out how to jump.

Orson is becoming an amazing big brother.  He is full of love and calls his brothers his buddies and his best friends.  Is sometimes overwhelmed by Ferdinand's need to copy everything he does and has started to spend more time in time-out again.  Is trying to learn how to express himself with words better but still has a hard time calming himself.  Is growing like a weed and becoming more and more independent.  Is also a little bossy, free with kisses and hugs and constantly making new friends.  He finished up his preschool year with a field day at school.  He loved the obstacle courses!

Truly, when I stop and analyze, I realize how blessed we are with such amazing little boys in our lives.  I can't wait to see the personality that Theodore grows into but I am also enjoying all the little new born loves he is giving out now.  It is amazing how a mom's heart and a family's heart grow with each addition; there is always more room for love.