Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Its been a long time!

I was looking at old posts today and realized that I haven't updated since Josephine was born! Life with 4 seems to just float away.  Being present for the kids at home means that I spend less time here.

What can I say, the kids are all bigger and crazier and more loving and more everything.

Orson is half way through 1st grade at Douglas and loves it.  He is starting to really get letter sounds and reading, he is great at math and wants to be an engineer, he loves everything outside and fast, art, music/rhythm and is figuring out swimming.

Ferdinand started preschool at St Louis this year.  He comes home with something new every time he goes, letters, numbers, potty language, friends, art, you name it! He is such his own little person now. Full of wonder, delight, emotions and attitude.  He has learned how to ride his bike, hiked over 5 miles on his own two feet and loves music.

Theodore is getting so big, he has had his first hair cut, is jealous of Josephine, loves to cuddle, copies his brothers, using complete sentences and sometimes paragraphs to tell us stories, still screams like a daemon but is so very, very loving. He is figuring out his tricycle, loves to go on hikes as long as he doesn't have to walk, swimming and starting to get into coloring.

Josephine has grown like a weed.  She has brought so much joy into the house.  The boys all love her and Matt is smitten.  She is crawling and cruising, eating solids, has 6 teeth and more on the way, been in the water and loves it, goes for hikes with the family, played in the snow, been on an airplane and brings smiles to everyone she meets.  She is super chill and loves to just watch.

And some family shots from this year

I'll be back just after Christmas with an update, I promise!  Should have lots to talk about by then ;)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Josephine Amelia Ewalt

Oh my goodness, number 4 has arrived and is already a month old!!! We were blest with the arrival of Josephine Amelia on Feb. 10th 2015 at 5:30 in the morning after a few days of labour.  She was born at home and weighed in at 8lbs and 21 inches.  She is my smallest and only SHE :)  We are all in love with her. Labour was long but easier than with the boys, she is nursing great, sleeps (with eating breaks) for most of the nights and is all around chill.  She must know she is number four.  We all love to cuddle her and it is a toss up between Orson and I on who is more excited to welcome a girl into our lives.  We have also been blest by our community here, I didn't have to cook barely any meals for this first month and baby girl clothes have been arriving on our doorstep (new and passed down) as if by miracle (or via my moms groups, bible study and out of town friends).  Lafayette is a beautiful community to be living in and all our friends spread all over the world are so amazing to us.

Pictures from her first day:

 As you can see Ferdinand and Theodore were very excited!
 Pictures from life the last month:

 Love baby feet!

 Silly hats!

 Her "I'm peeing in my diaper face"

 more toes.

 And pictures at a month.  She is up to 10 lbs and already losing her newborn face

We are all in love with our adorable girl

and fill so blest by all our gifts from God.

Orson is 6!!!

I can't believe my little dude is 6! Where does the time fly to?  He is so tall and handsome, loving and gentle.  He is the best big brother and in love with legos, playing outside, telling us he is hungry, wrestling with his brothers and playing with friends.  He loves school and his teacher Mrs. Cassells.  I can't put into words how much I love him.

On the day of his birthday we went to one of his favorite restaurants, BJ's.  He and his brothers were super crazy but it was still lots of fun.

That night we opened presents from family, as usual legos were a big hit!

For his birthday party he wanted paper airplanes and bowling, so we made it happen.  The local bowling alley is totally reasonable and cupcakes with paper airplanes were simple to create.  It turned into a wonderful afternoon with his friends and family.

 Theodore was super impressed with the balloons!

And here is the dude hamming it up for the camera!

And one being an awesome brother.