Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween should be the entire month of October!

This month some of my fellow crazy moms and I decided to celebrate Halloween every Wednesday by dressing up the babies in as many different costumes as we could. It was tons of fun...maybe Halloween should just be every Wednesday from now on :)

Orson's first costume (and one that he has worn multiple times since) was a Superman PJ set that I found on sale at Target. He looks awesome in a cape!

Gina has lots of costumes on the ready for Lucy...her fist outfit was the Pirate costume that she wore to a themed birthday party earlier in the week. Lucy even had a toy parrot :)

The next week we had a potluck to celebrate of course Orson had to wear his ladderhosen (sp). I must say he made an awfully cute German. Of course this led to me having a crazy dream about Matt and I and our seven or eight kids dressing up as the Von Trapp family and caroling instead of trick or treating for Halloween :)

The next week a costume from Auntie Anne was suppose to come in the mail but the postal service failed us, so instead, Orson went as Thisbe from a Midsummer's Night Dream (a guy dressed up as a girl to make friends with another girl to see if said girl loves him). Lucy didn't fall for the get-up but he was awfully debonair with a mustache and goatee.

Early the next week, Orson and Penny found some fun animal noses at MSN and decided to try them on. It was pretty funny.

Now that the weather is turning colder, the babies have decided that hats and warm clothes are fun to wear. Lucy was simply adorable in this hat and the leg warmers I made for her....

and Orson was just too cute all bundled up for a walk in the neighborhood.

Orson took matters into his own hands one afternoon and dressed himself up as the vest monster caged in his crib.

Finally the week of Halloween rolled around. Lucy came to MSN in her Garden Gnome costume. Unfortunately she got into a fight with her stair case earlier in the week (you should see the stair case now that she taught it a lesson) but she still made a cute gnome.

And Orson joined his fellow Star Wars fans in the costume Auntie Anne sent....a super cool X-Wing fighter pilot!

Then the big day rolled around and I finally got to put Orson into the costume I had worked so hard he is Orson the Owl :)

It was so fun to create a complete outfit, I made everything except the onesie....even the shoes and leg warmers!

Then we got invited to a party and I ended up making Matt a blue bird costume and me a red bird one.

I think we made a pretty nice flock tonight.

!!!Happy Halloween!!!