Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh boy its been a while!

Well things are pretty busy around here. We have been doing some renovations around the house and I will put up the before and after shots in the next post (things just seem to take longer with Orson around, shocking :) One things I do have pictures of...we put away the playpen and brought out Orson's desk and chair. He immediately decided that he could sit just like Daddy does at his desk (picture number two).

Orson has also had some first over the last few weeks.

He went to his first birthday party and had a blast with his friends...although he did get a little over tired and I got the best picture ever of him (can you guess which one).

We also went out for dinner last night and ordered Orson his first kids meal, he ate the entire grilled cheese sandwich! Even more entertaining was his subsequent food high...he giggled and laughed the entire way home.

Orson finally has enough hair for "bedhead," this was his new look after his morning nap.

In other news, some of the babies from my moms group have started coming over to our house on Wednesdays (they are getting too big for new moms group but aren't ready for toddler group yet) and Orson and I love having them over. I got an awesome blow-up tent on Free-cycle (yes that means it was free) and we all love climbing in and crawling around.

Even Chaquita got in on the act!

Gluten free update - the diet changes are going well, I am starting to feel much better (so I think its working) and I have started feeling really creative in the kitchen again (added bonus) so most days dinner cooking is really fun. I have also fallen back in love with my crock pot, so if anyone is looking for some yummy recipes, let me know.

I know there is more but it will have to wait until I can remember it....the brain is leaking all the important stuff out the side these days.

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Anne Jones said...

Awesome tent. Chiquitita looks like she was pretty curious about it all. Tunnel dog.