Monday, November 23, 2009


We took Orson up to see the snow and do a little hiking for the first time this weekend. He enjoyed the hiking immensely, as usual, but snow was not such a big hit. He thought it to be cold and unpleasant. Anyway, Matt and I had fun :) The pictures turned out well and next time we will bring a sled, I think Orson will like everything much more if it involves going fast!

These are pictures of our favorite hiking spot up in Cool. Stop number one for the day went great.

First steps

Take a closer look at Orson's face, it about sums up his feelings (as Matt's face does for him).

Not even flying made him happy

One good family shot

Orson kept losing his boots :)

Poor cold dogs :(

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Jessica said...

I'm with Orson, snow is very cold and unpleasant :)