Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Yard

I have been meaning to do this forever! My yard has been so fun to watch unfold this year.  We have a mix of flowers, edibles and toys all over it and sitting outside and enjoying the breeze, smells and laughter has been one of my favorite pass times this summer.  So without further ado, here is a little picture tour through the garden:

The front yard:
 Above is our reoccurring broccoli in the foreground, below is bee balm
 I planted the gladiolas when we first moved in and we added the grape vines last year

 The backyard:
We rearranged the back shade corner this spring so that I could have somewhere to sit and see the entire length of the yard....I love the new arrangement

Below the pomegranate is blooming
 This is my sunny side, I used some wood and old shelves that we had laying around to make some make shift beds...
 The tomatoes are taking off!
 As are the peas
 Out in the yard, the lavender and rosemary are very happy, I also have pepers, basil, thyme, oregano, summer savory, cilantro, sage and....
 STRAWBERRIES!!! hidden all throughout the flower beds
We had a great display of gardenias that made our noses happy 
 And lots of the plants from last year have pushed out their beautiful heads

 Oh and we got a new fountain, the hummingbird loves to take baths in the top.  I love waking up to that sight.
 I filled in the wine barrel fountain from last year (I just couldn't keep the kids out of it)

 And finally some of the spoils from the garden.  We get about a pint of strawberries every couple of days.  The peas have been super crisp and good
 And today we got our first three tomatoes too!

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