Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friends, Soccer and a summer craft

 Lucy and Orson have been getting so big.  They wander around the house and outside hardly needing help from me to come up with things to do.  Lately they have loved reading together and I love the super cute pictures that result.

 They also love looking out the big front window and making up stories about what they see outside.  So fun to listen to
 A couple of weeks ago we made crayon "stain glass" to replace the Easter eggs that were hanging from our chandelier.  I shaved the crayons that have slowly been collecting in the bottom of my purse (from going out to eat) into little bits and then Orson and Lucy sprinkled them all over wax paper.  When they were done, I put another piece of wax paper on top and then used the iron to melt the crayons.  Then we sat down and I cut out the shapes that Lucy and Orson asked for, strung them together with thread and voila, we had great art to look at during our meals.

 Last week Orson (and most of his friends) started soccer!  Well pre-soccer.  It involved a lot of running around, trying to get the kids to dribble and well, chaos.  It was lots of fun to watch :)  Orson was actually pretty good at dribbling the ball, when he put his mind to it, and he has talked about how much fun it was all week.
 Lucy and Hazel

 Maddox (he is gonna be a great goalie)
 Ava and her dad
 You can also see Will in the bunch.

We rounded out last Saturday with a trip to the barber for Orson.  He is now a full fledged little boy, with a short hair cut!
Oh and I almost forgot, Orson has been working on potty training for the last few weeks and doing great.  He still has accidents when wearing underwear but can go all day (when he isn't wearing them) without having one and yesterday he went pop on the potty for the first time!!

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