Sunday, March 25, 2012

Looking at Pictures tonight

And guess what we found.  A picture of Matt, Orson, Ferdinand and I all around the same age....

 Matt and Ferd are the most similar but they do share a few features with me too :)

In other news, Ferdinand is up to 26 inches and 13.7 lbs (we have another weigh in next month because he lost a pound or so from his last weigh in....he was sick though so we shall see).  He loves to make noise, has rolled over in his sleep and is always so happy.

Orson now says bicycle instead of Good to Go :( But you should hear him try to say Land Cruiser and Daffodil (dafbeautiful).  He is growing like a weed and no one believes him when he says he is three, so he tells them he is 4 instead.

Last but not least, Matt was promoted to Project Manager this week!

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