Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Matt and I had a wonderful Easter. We dressed up for church and then spent the day in the garden (well Matt actually watched some car race on his new extended cable) and that night Z came over to walk the dogs with us and share dinner. I hope all of you were as rejuvenated and blessed by the Easter Sunday as I was. Here are a few pictures:
I tried to decorate a little. Seema and I went to Austria last year around Christmas and they made these wonderful Easter eggs that you can hang....Thus our egg tree. first rose has bloomed. It looks amazing and the Satuma smells like heaven, I wish I had a smell picture for you.
Oh yeah, Chaquita has discovered her new favorite place to be in our house....boy were we surprised when we walked out of our bedroom.

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jodi said...

Glad you had such a nice Easter; now if you could just send a little spring weather our way, it would be muchos appreciated. Happy that the posts on blogging were some help to you, too!