Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Newest Projects and Joy in the Garden!

Well I have fallen behind in my posts, whats new?

Matt and I really enjoyed seeing everyone in Houston, both of my brothers were there and we saw multiple friends. We also helped my brother begin to turn my parents house into a bachelor pad for him....boy was that strange! I'm not sure my Dad knew what he was getting into when he decided to work in London and have my 24 year old brother stay on at the house. It could be very interesting when he comes back to ride in the MS 150 next month.

When we got back the garden had come alive, the Satsuma decided to bloom,
some red flowers in my window boxes had gone crazy,
the little trees have started to leaf out
and in the back, my rose even has blooms on it!Why is it that my garden always seems to do best when I leave it for a weekend? Maybe its just coming back and seeing it with fresh eyes.

On Monday I even got to plant the Jade in my newest pot and begin a new project.

This time I am going to decorate a hummingbird feeder. I decided to put hummingbirds and Fluer de Lis flowers on it.

I hope the finished product looks great but so far I am happy with my progress.

I also have finally found an organization to volunteer with here in Baton Rouge, it has been hard because I've wanted to do something far removed from the disaster world. The Baton Rouge Audubon Society is looking to put a bird watching station in at one of the local schools. The school already has the most amazing garden in it, next time I go I will bring my camera so you can all see. I only wish that I grew up with a pond, dance circle and flower beds at my elementary. I am hoping to be able to help with the installation and development. Plus they are active at many of the local events, so Matt and I and hopefully Z will be busy running kids games at their booth.

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