Thursday, March 13, 2008

Last Night

Last night one of Matt's coworkers, Z, invited us (including the dogs) over for dinner. He made a great steak and salad for us. The girls (combined chuggles or sugquita can't quite decide yet) enjoyed begging for steak and hanging out on Zak's couch. All around it was a great night.
Snuggs couldn't help licking her lips at the thought of getting a piece of the yummy steak

Snuggles' newest ploy for getting attention is to pretend that she is dying whenever we ask her to go outside or on a walk...see videos below. It was maybe 55 degrees out but you would have thought that it was 20 below the way she was behaving.

All we did was tell her she had to go outside when we returned from work....what a reaction!
Once she got outside this was her response to actually being told she had to get up and walk:

Every time we tell her we are going to take her to the vet and/or walk away and ignore her, she completely stops and acts normal which is why we aren't super worried that she is actually sick or anything. Plus her sister just ignores the behavior also, which normally she would not do.

In other news we are off to Houston this weekend. I am super excited because I am going to see multiple friends some of who just happen to be coming into town this weekend also! I will also get a chance to check on my mother's plants and see if any need rescuing.

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