Monday, March 10, 2008

San Diego

My girlfriends and I just spent the weekend in San Diego. We had lots of fun and enjoyed the chance to get together and chat. We live so far apart that it has been over a year and so much has happened in that time! The view from our room was awesome:

We sat in our beds and enjoyed it almost as often as we enjoyed the hot tub.

During the first full day we went to Balboa Park, the highlights were the Cherry Blossoms in the Japanese garden:
and the crazy stuff in the desert garden:

Later in the week we also got a chance to go whale watching. Of course all we saw of the grey whale was a little spit in the air but we did enjoy some great views of San Diego:

and of the birds flying in the bay:
Over all it was a great trip. Just what the doctor ordered :)

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