Thursday, September 24, 2009

This Weekend and the week before

Our child has turned into quite the cheese monster. He likes any kind he can get his hands on, including the freshly grated Parmesan we had for dinner one night. He will even crawl over to me, pull himself up and try to swoop some from my lunch plate when he thinks I am not looking. I can't believe I am having to share my food with him already!

Speaking of pulling up, both Orson and Lucy learned to pull up on things a couple of weeks ago. Now Orson is trying to climb onto and hang off of things as well.

Isn't Lucy's outfit adorable...if I ever have a girl I will have to steal this one from Gina!

Part of Orson's new found independence has resulted in little games of hide and seek. I will look away for a minute, look back and Orson will have disappeared. One of his favorite spots is under the kitchen table.

Now that is a guilty look if ever I saw one....I had been calling him for a couple of minutes and he was being as quiet as possible!

Orson and his Dad have been hanging out more and more....Orson loves spending time cuddling and playing with Matt. In fact, for the first time, I left them alone together while I went off to an exercise class. (Orson ended up splitting his lip on a chair while I was away but over all father and son seemed to have enjoyed the rest of the time together without mom).

Over the weekend Harrison, Haley and Rowan came to visit! We had a super busy but fun weekend. On Sat. we rented a minivan and drove up into the Sierra Mountains to do a little wine tasting. We ended up at three different wineries and had a little picnic at the last. The babies really enjoyed the toys and soft grass there as well.

Then on Sunday we drove up to Tahoe and went on a hike, drove around the lake and stopped in Trucky at the 50/50 brewery. It was a super long day but the hike was beautiful, as was the lake.

Orson had a ton of fun covering his feet up with sand and then digging them out...he was a filthy little boy by the time we make it home.

We kept trying to take a family picture....this one came out the best :)

It was so nice to visit with old friends and for Haley and I to share baby information and stories with each other.

and to wrap the week up...Orson laughing on the swing.

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