Friday, September 11, 2009

Just some stuff I don't want to forget...

So I've realized that there are some little things that Orson does that I just don't want to forget...both good, bad and funny. So I thought I would write them down here and keep them safe to take out and look at later.

Orson perfected the use his thumb and pincher finger by pulling the hair out of Matt's back one strand at a time while Matt was trying to take a nap....this made me laugh so hard.

Orson is at the biting stage and bit me so hard this week that I have a bruise on my arm...must be payback for all those times I bit my sister.

Orson got his two outer front teeth in before he got the middle ones...I was really hoping to dress him up as a vampire for Halloween but it looks like his middle top teeth will beat me there.

Orson loves to flirt with the pretty college girls at church, he will sit and stare them down until they acknowledge his presence and smile.

Orson hates to take naps, some days he flat out doesn't sleep all day long and others he falls asleep in horrible positions because he is trying so hard not to.

Orson is a natural climber and adventurer. He loves things that go fast, he loves to use me as a jungle gym and he loves the thrill of flying through the air in his Daddy's arms.

Orson makes the goofiest faces and now the funniest noises when trying to get his point across...talking is going to be so much fun with this kid.

Orson loves to chat with people on Skype, especially his Grandpa Jones, the two of them are so much fun to watch play across millions of miles.

Orson's snuggles (though getting rarer all the time) are the sweetest things in the world and they melt my heart every time.

Orson's laugh is my favorite sound in the entire world....its perfect in every way


anne said...

He would've made an excellent vampire.

Emily said...

I love the new photos of Orson - he is so adorable! Sooner or later I'll get out there and meet him in person!