Tuesday, September 8, 2009

7 1/2 months....

It has been an adventurous few weeks here at the Ewalt house. I got a new bike, Orson got a trailer, Lucy and Orson have gone from immobile to crawling, standing, sitting and chasing the dogs and Orson came down with his first ear infection (and of course being related to Matt and I he didn't just settle for one ear but went for the kill with a double ear infection).

Here he is waiting int he doctor's office practicing wearing a mask so as to not catch the pig flu.

Lucy is still coming over twice a week, things have become quite chaotic now that everyone is mobile but they are still tons of fun to watch. Gina (Lucy's mom) loves costumes and between the two of us we have decided that we should dress the babies up in costumes as much as possible the month of October. Last Monday (after an especially tying day with the babies) I decided to try some of the costumes out a little early. It made me smile for the rest of the day, I can't wait for October.

Below are my two budding musicians playing on the piano. Lucy prefers to sing while Orson plays most of the time but on Monday they were into playing duets. The following Thursday, I pulled out the cello, Orson went over to the piano and played along with me....it was amazing to create music with him and I can't wait until he can really play a duet with me.

Now that they are both standing, the crib seems to be that much more fun. This picture was just too cute for words.

My mom's group goes out for lunch a lot after our Wednesday morning meetings, I can only imagine the thoughts that run through everyones' heads when we walk through the door. Even though there is only one baby for every mom, it still seems as if they out number us.

Even with all the craziness going on at our table, Orson decided that the stuff behind him was much more entertaining. I looked away for a minute and he was completely turned around in his highchair. The more mobile and independent he becomes, the more I begin to realize Matt and I may have our hands quite full with him.

Orson is now big enough to sit on his own in the buggies at the shopping centers, this meant that he is now big enough to ride around in the race cars at Home Depot! I found it to be more difficult to drive then a 15 P. Even niftier, we found laminate that matched the stuff already in our house on sell for 99 cents a sqft. Yeah new home projects.

The biggest news of the past two weeks for me...is that I could stand it no longer, I was so jealous of Matt getting to go out and ride his bike everyday that I rushed it a little and decided to see if Orson was big enough for an infant helmet (which would mean he was big enough to ride on a bike!). We tested it out for a day and Orson did great, this meant the hunt for an affordable bike seat or trailer was on....

We found a trailer on Craig's list, bought me a new (fast) bike and we were off and riding this labor day weekend.

In other news, Orson is truly trying to leave a mark at our house. He is worse then a puppy and chews on everything that is wooden in the house. I am beginning to think my son might actually have more of the beaver state in him then I originally thought :)

Orson has gone from supermaning on his belly to full on crawling...in fact if you make it to the end of the video he is even beginning to work on his break dancing moves!

Orson has always been a lounger (take a close look at his pictures and you will notice it too) but he took it to amazing new heights this past weekend in his high chair!

And one last adorable face from my little man...who can say no to that?

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