Monday, June 29, 2009

Swimming and other fun stuff!

Orson went to the pool for the first time on Friday and loved, loved, loved the water. He is going to be a waterbaby like his mama. We met up with some of the other moms and babies from our Wednesday Moms Group and we really enjoyed watching everyone play and learn from each other.

Afterward, we went for ice cream with Lucy and her mom Gina. Orson took another ride on the coin car....its amazing to see the difference in him between now and the first time we went with Kelley and Brayden.

Over the last few weeks Orson and I have been spending more and more time with the Moms and babies from our group. It has been wonderful and Orson has been making friends with some pretty cool cats! Below are a few of them:

Lucy, Madox, Will and Orson all got together for a spin around Will's new play mat!

Linden (above) and Madox (below) came out for the swim party.

Orson has also been playing the field and has two girlfriends, one is of course Lucy, who I watch every Monday and Thursday. Orson and she enjoy going for long walks together, especially now that I added a double stroller into the mix.

and the other is fellow giant baby Penelope, you can read more about her at her mom's blog PB&J

We have also been adding to Orson's food repertoire. A few days ago we took out his feeding sack and put some fresh honeydew in it during dinner.....I got up to get some water and Matt turned to look at the computer, we looked back and Orson had reached for the container that had Matt and I's honeydew in it. I guess he really liked it, since he went with the adage: if you cover every piece in oatmeal then you get to eat them all yourself :)

He has decided he loves carrots, sweet potatoes with cinnamon in them, shockingly tart apricots and papaya. And of course oatmeal remains high on the list.

All of this work has left Orson a tired boy....I just love the positions he falls asleep in!

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