Monday, June 1, 2009

Sleeping Olympics

I always thought is was a little over the top to say that watching a baby sleep could be an Olympic sport. Now that Sir Orson von Tootentimer is here (he earned that nickname at a very young age and recent behaviors have brought it back to the forefront), I can see that sleeping could be an Olympic sport for Orson and is deffinately something that my husband and I love to watch (as proven by the photo montage below).

We saw Orson's first smile and heard his first laughs when he was asleep. The ones that come now when he is awake are amazing but these first sleeping few will always be dear to me.

Orson loves to strick a pose....even in his sleep

There is something so adorable about a baby so worn out that he just falls asleep whereever he is...the car, the museum, a noisy airplane.

Now that Orson is rolling around and sleeping on his stomach, I never know what postition I will find him in. He seems to perfer being wedged into the corners or, like here, he gets himself stuck cross-ways.

My favorite, is when I walk in and find him all spread out and taking up as much of the crib as possible.

and of course the absolut best is when he wakes up and makes a funny face at the camera!

I discovered this awesome website, animoto, a few weeks ago and thought I would give it a try with some of the pictures from this post....for free! I created a 30 sec show complete with music and then downloaded it, all in just a few minutes. You can see it in the post before this one.

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