Sunday, July 12, 2009

Take a deep breath and wipe the sweat from your forehead

Wow! what a week. It started out with lots of fun and ended with Orson's first real sickness. Matt and I are exhausted and Orson is starting to get back to being Orson.

First the fun....we planted the back corner of the garden last Monday night!!!! and I am so excited for it all to grow in. I know it was way late to plant and that we will probably lose a few flowers to the heat but it is so wonderful to look out my bedroom window and see pretty things. Here are a few pictures:
As a reward for all of his help I planned a big Greek dinner for Monday night to eat after we finished planting (Matt woke up one day a few weeks ago having dreamt that I made Greek salad, falafel and taziki for dinner). I worked on it all day and even took both Lucy and Orson to the grocery store (on my own) to pick up some last minute items. Well, the salad and falafel turned out great but I'm afraid that the homemade pita bread didn't rise (Matt had to run out to the store to buy some at 8:30 at night). Oh well, its the thought that counts, right?

Then on Tuesday I volunteered at MSN and attended the Music and Movement class with Orson. He loves it, but as he has stopped taking naps unless I am willing to lay down with him, he got way over tired half way through and started fussing and trying to dance at the same time. On Wednesday we went to moms group, out to lunch and then drove to Davis with Matt for his doctor appointment. Matt is going to start physical therapy to hopefully get his back working again. Then Lucy was over on Thursday. After making it to the grocery store on my own I decided it was time to try walking the babies and the dogs at the same time. It went surprisingly well.

Lucy and Orson also had fun eating their feet and playing with a new toy from Ikea together....Orson looks like a big boy in the picture!

Then around 10 pm, Thursday night, Orson started fussing and crying and I couldn't get him back to sleep, so I tried nursing him and noticed that he was having trouble breathing and eating at the same time. He fell back asleep, so I put him in bed and maybe ten minutes later he started crying again (I was exhausted from playing with both babies all day and not really thinking clearly, so I just got up and tried to feed him again). This went on for about two hours, when Matt joined me in bed, fell asleep and then in the middle of one of the feedings, rolled over and said "He's sick" and then rolled back over and started to snore (I almost hit him....and he claims not to remember saying anything). By 2 am I was at my whits end on how to help Orson out and Matt finally woke up and realized that things were not going well. About this time, Orson started feeling like he was on fire and after a quick temperature check, I realized that he had a high fever. I gave him some medicine and he did better for about two hours and then he woke up and was up for the day (maybe 5 am). At this point Orson's breathing was really labored (he sounded like he was drowning), his nosing was running a mile a minute and his fever was not going completely away with the medicine. Matt and I were frantically trying to read What to Expect and figure out what was wrong and just waiting for the doctor's office to open. Well, it finally opened and Matt got us an appointment in Davis at 10:30....we left the house with plenty of time, we thought, but ended up getting there late (they said they couldn't see us and made us reschedule, an hour of driving for no reason). The next appointment was at 1:45 so we drove home and then turned around and drove right back. All in all we put like 100 miles on the car on Friday I think. Friday night started out just as bad as Thursday but at some point we decided that Orson needed a humidifier and Matt ran to Target and got one before it closed. It was a life saver, Orson could breath and he slept so much better, which meant we slept better and he got better! I think we have spent more time in bed this weekend then out, but all are better and Monday is a new week. Lets just hope it goes a little better :)

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