Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mom's group and other stuff

As a new mom you are tempted to buy fun looking and expensive toys....after spending time at my mom meetings I have decided (along with every other mom on the planet) that babies, like kittens, prefer things that just don't cost a lot. Such as: water bottles, fuzz off the floor, the tags inside their shirts and as seen below, the 90 cent balls you can buy at the grocery store.

Everyone seems to want the pink ball especially (my theory is that it looks like a huge boob), Penny and Orson spent a good 30 min fighting for the right to suck on it. And then Orson discovered (with Maddox) that theoretically a baby could hold onto two at one time and have complete satisfaction :)

In other news Orson is getting stronger by the day. This afternoon, while I was on the phone with Anne. I looked over at Orson and realized that he was sitting Indian style all by himself (he has been sitting on his own for quiet a while but this is the first time he was able to balance with his legs crossed)

And then later, he practiced standing for 15 or so minutes with only the occasional topple to one side or the other!

On Monday, we took the girls to the park and decided that it was time for Orson to take his first slide ride...he loved it.

And here are some of my favorite pictures from the weeks so far:

In the car with Daddy, waiting for mom to get finished at the dentist

Waiting and watching for Daddy to come home.

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