Thursday, May 7, 2009

Out in the California Sun

In Portland last week Matt and I checked out a baby store called Hanna Anderson (their cotton clothing is organic and so soft) and found a great sun hat for Orson. We had been looking all over here in the Sunshine State for one but could only find ones that were suitable for girls. We have also been looking around for sunglasses for the little guys since we went to Boulder and realized that Orson's blue eyes were very sun sensitive. Yesterday I went out to Roseville to meet up with a friend and remembered that one of the baby boutiques was going out of business. What luck...they had these awesome sunglasses that have a band around the head instead of the normal arms that set on ears. You may be wondering what all this is leading he is the cutest sun ready baby ever:

He really seems to like the glasses! Maybe if we start him early with them, he will want to wear them once he learns how to take them on and off himself (fingers crossed).

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anne said...

His hat reminds me of some of the ones we wore.