Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May Craft Challenge Project is DONE!!!

I finished my May Craft Challenge last Friday and now that the weekend is over and Orson is sleeping! I thought I would finish up writing about it on my blog :) For this challenge I took all of the materials that Christie sent us and decided to combine them with some of my mother's day memories. So I dried my mother's day bouquet, took a print of Orson's foot and my favorite picture from the day of Orson and I and added them into the materials to use. With all of that to work with I decided to make a Mom's Day Memory Hanger to put in my closet. Now everytime I walk in to find an outfit (which happens all the time since I have to change multiple times throughout the day thanks to Orson's spit-up habits :) or to get the laundry, I smell and see my first Mother's Day. Here are pictures of the final craft:

You can also read about the process in these last few blogs:

Don't forget to go to Christie's Craft page (the botton is on the left) to vote on the 28th or 29th and vote for your favorite project (it better be mine!).

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Christy said...

Great work! That ribbon you added sure did match all the supplies perfectly!