Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...

Dear Mom

Its my first mother's day this Sunday and I'm really just feeling blue about it today (of course its the anniversary of your death as well, so its a double whammy day). I was excited about it until we went to Target last week and decided to pick out a card for Grandma Pat. I picked up a card that was in the wrong place and started to read was a daughter to mom card about trying to be live up to you with my own children. Playing with them, sharing with them, caring for them when they hurt, loving them and praying for them as well as you did for me. How can I live up to all this without you here to nudge me when I slack off or get tired? Then I moved onto picking out a Grandma card and life just got too hard...all I ever wanted was to be a mom and in so doing, help you meet your life goal of being a Grandmother. As Orson grows and changes so quickly I miss sharing him with you at every step. He is so perfect and so cute and I know you would love him so, so much. I just want to lay my head in your lap, have you run your fingers through my hair and tell you all about him. Its been two years and so much has changed in all of our lives and yet one thing stays the same, we still miss you.

Enjoy your mother's day, I know that God is throwing a much better party then we can
All my love
Your daughter, now a mom

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