Thursday, May 21, 2009

Life with Orson

Well as I stated last week in my post, Matt and I were having an off culminated on Friday with Matt backing into my car while Orson, the girls and I were in it! His truck didn't have any damages but the Camry suffered from a smashed front right bumper, head-light and right panel. Its hard to believe that there could be that much damage from a car that was going only 1 mile an hour but I guess that is what happens when steal meets the new crumple cars.

We decided that, after that, everything could only get better, so we headed out on Sunday to go on a new hike. It was super hot but half way into the hike we came across a great watering hole and introduced Orson to creek walking! He loved it:

The trail was really interesting, it was an old logging flume route up in Nevada City, that the park service made 100% accessible (great for use with a stroller) and you actually got to walk in the old flume shoots. The dogs also loved it since they could walk up on the trail that the loggers used while we walked down in the flumes.

In other news Orson is getting more and more aware of his surroundings and thus keeping him entertained is getting more and more difficult. When he was smaller I tried to play music for him but it was too loud and he didn't seem to like it. This week, desperate to entertain him with something new, I tried the piano again, he loves it...maybe he is a budding musician? This does mean we should probably get the piano tuned :)

Align Center

He is also now reaching for (and screaming when you take away) his toys. Anne and Kelley, he is in love with the blocks that ya'll made for him. He has also taken to the stuff animals that have been sent his way (he holds entire conversations with them, especially when he hasn't seen one in a while). His favorites are Paddington Bear and an elephant blanket (he takes it with him everywhere and he has even figured out how to hold it when he is being carried around.

Lastly, Orson has discovered the dogs. We are working on teaching him how to be gentle with them. So far, Chaquita avoids his advances but every once in a while Snuggles allows him to pet her.

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