Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yesterday (well actually Wednesday)

Wednesday was just one of those days. It started out as normal (groaning as I was kissed awake by my husband to go to work) but then it just got better. First we drove down the driveway on the way to work and there in a glory by my front door, the Gardenia was in bloom. We had to stop the car and go smell heavenly. And then I looked to the right and the Jasmine that my Mom bought me on her first visit here was in bloom. This is a true miracle because not long after we got it Baton Rouge had a freak freeze and we thought it was lost for good.
Work was as boring as usual but we went out to lunch with Matt's coworkers and it took much more time then planned so I didn't have to spend too much time in the office. Then we took the dogs on a walk and Chiquita got so dirty that we decided that she needed to rinse off in the golf pond. Well Chuggles are both afraid of water, so we actually have to throw them in to get them to even acknowledge that it is there and Chiquita decided that she liked it and actually swam half way across and back her tail wagging the entire time (I wish I had had my camera with me).
Then that night just as Matt and I were getting bored, the weather changed and we watched the most spectacular lighting show that I have seen in a long, long time.
Chicken hiding from the thunderstorm:
For some reason it was just one of those good days even though everything we did was normal and everyday. Go figure :)

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staff said...

hey. when's your next entry? you haven't written anything in awhile.

-- akj