Saturday, April 19, 2008

This Week

Well I am still behind in blogging :( I guess life has just gotten in the way these days. My old boss was in town this week and I finally decided it was time to through in the towel. My last day working on Hurricane Katrina will officially be May 1st, 2008. I am so ready.....of course this was made possible by the fact that Matt has been given official notice that we are transferring to Sacramento. The house search and job search is on!
In other news, the dry spell (humidity at 19% in Baton Rouge!) has been upsetting my pots. Things just can't seem to get enough water. We need some rain and some humidity back.

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ferne said...

I just found your sweet little blog and hope that you got moved to Sacramento and are loving it! I live in San Jose, but lived near Sacramento for a short time and often think of going back that was a great time of my life. Good luck and hope you get back to blogging soon.