Monday, April 14, 2008

The last week

Sorry that I have been out of contact for the last week. I spent it with my Dad in Houston going through the house and getting it ready for my brother to take over and my Dad to leave for England. I went through millions of pictures, all of the closets, the garden and anything else my Dad needed. It was stressful and sad but it is nice to get it all done. Matt and I found out that we will be moving to Sacramento soon (gardeners out there let me know what I need to start thinking about planting!) and I am glad to only have to worry about packing my own house and moving now.
Dad and I stayed busy visiting with his friends at night. We went and saw the play WIT, very well acted and an amazing story, I wouldn't recommend it for anyone that has spent an extended amount of time in the hospital recently or lost someone in the last year. Dad and I were invited at the last minute and we thought it was a comedy....
Dad agreed to hire a gardener and a maid for the house. The lawn man was nice enough to pull a lot of the weeds and over growth in my Mom's garden plots and just this morning I was able to put some shade plants in the back two areas. I think Mom would like them.
I can't wait to get back to Baton Rouge and see the dogs and my boss Rose will be back for the week so I won't have to work with the new guy either. It is all promising. Plus I will be turning 28 and will even be able to spend the day with my Matt!!!

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