Monday, April 14, 2008

MS 150 Houston to Austin

My Dad road the MS 150 this weekend from Houston to Austin (actually 166 miles not 150). He road with two of his friends and fellow Knights of Columbus in support of their wives one of whom has MS and the other Lupus. It was amazing to go out to support them and watch them ride and, even with the bad directions and long days, Matt and I managed to have fun. There were over 13,000 people riding and I have never seen so many bikers in one place at one time. It was overwhelming to say the least. Here are some of my favorite photos from the weekend.
The bluebonnets were out in full force in the Chappel Hill area. They were so nice to see.
There were just so many people it was impossible to capture in a photo
After lunch in Bellville on the first day, the guys were looking good
They looked a lot more tired when they pulled into La Grange for the end of the dayBut all three crossed the line together in Austin after riding 166 miles at 14.1 miles an hour into a very stiff head wind. We are all very proud of them.

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