Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy 1st of April

I spent some time in my garden this weekend and discovered some wonderful things. I have two red strawberries in the strawberry potall of my little trees have at least one leaf on them, the birds are paring up and eating away and my finished hummingbird feeder looks like it will be a hit (when I got home the feeder had fallen off the hook.....back to the drawing board on that one).

Unfortunately, after cleaning up the backyard makeshift pond, I don't think Mr. Fish made it through the winter but we never know with him, so we will keep our eyes open.I am really happy with my current plant groupings...everything looks great right now and I am so happy.

This upcoming weekend is our friends daughter's first birthday party, since we are going to San Marcos to meet up with Matt's parents and to see my brother instead, I thought we would throw her a little party of our own. All went well and she really enjoyed the strawberries and homemade whip cream I made for her.

Through Blogtanical a blogger that also keeps her plants in pots, found me. I loved the quote that she has up from April Fools day. Blogtanical also connected me to Kiss my Aster who had photos from the TyTy nursery in Georgia up on her blog! I can't believe they think that slightly dressed girls is the way to sell plants, you would think they were a used car lot ;) Check out the Kung Fu action under the Agave Plant Nursery link too.


Zachawii said...

This means that Chuggles in the combo name right??? Democracy rules or is it Kimocracy rules?

LIFE in POTS said...

Kimocracy always rules but chuggles is easier to write so I think I will go with it. Of course you voting 20 times doesn't really count as democracy :)