Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dream for Kelley

Those of you that know me well, know that I have absolutely crazy dreams and pregnancy seems to have only heightened them. My latest one was all about Kelley and I, which makes sense because we are both having a baby within weeks of each other until I tell you that the dream was all about Kelley and I getting married at the same time instead.

In the dream Kelley and I decided to have a joint wedding (although separate because I wanted a Catholic wedding and she wanted a protestant one) in Minnesota. The church was set up so that everyone could watch both weddings at the same time even though they were on separate altars and divided by a partition. Of course this wasn't the issue during the dream, there were two issues.
One, we needed to save money on the wedding so Kelley decided that the rehearsal dinner would only be for family members and that we would have it at a Japanese steak house but only serve the salad that they always have before the cooking gets started (you know with the ginger dressing). Crazily enough I was okay with the salad but I wanted to let my friends come too since they were coming from out of town, unlike Kelley's. The next issue was how to get all of the flowers to the church. We loaded up tons and tons of flowers in the priest's little pickup truck and the priest then proceeded to drive us to the wedding. The problem was that Kelley was giving directions and she would wait until the last minute to tell the priest where to turn and then it would take so long for the priest to slow down that we would miss the turn. Then Kelley would tell us to take the next turn and it would all happen again. When we finally turned on a street, the street was full of holes and turned into a roller coaster. When we finally got to the ceremony I remembered that Matt and I were already married, so we had a renual ceremony instead. It was beautiful and all my family (living and dead) were there. Even with all the crazyness Kelley and I both had beautiful ceremonies and I woke up with a smile on my face :)


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Wow, that was some dream.

~Kelley said...

You are a weirdo, you crazy pregnant lady! Don't worry, my dreams have also been crazy. Last night I was riding my horse and being chased by monsters. I wish you would show up in my dreams! Kel