Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baby Shower

My friends and I entered the new century over the weekend. We had a conference call baby shower! My good friend Kelley (also prego) and I were talking many months back about how sad we were that we could not share our pregnancies with our friends because we are all so spread out across the country, when the concept of everyone just calling at the same time to celebrate came up. She took it a step further and threw me a shower complete with recommended treats, decorations and presents.
On Sunday, my friends and family from: Texas, Florida, Dakota, Louisiana, Montana, Minnesota, Iowa and London all called the same conference line inorder to play games, open presents and celebrate. It made me feel so loved and special to know that so many people were out there that loved me and our baby-to-be.
Here are a few pictures of were I sat for the the shower and the pile of gifts that came to my door.

The amount of boxes that came to my house was overwhelming (I love getting presents everyday). It took all of my self control and many, many reminders from Matt for me not to just tear into them when they arrived!
I set up my space with decorations sent from Kelley, a plate of cheese and crackers and a rootbeer!

After the party was over I took a picture of all the gifts so everyone that attened could see how well supplied baby Ewalt was beginning to be.

Last of all, here I am, super pregnant and growing everyday (thank goodness the midwives reassure me everyother week that I am normal and not turning into a big blob)!

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Rebecca and Vic said...

Kim, you look beautiful! While I would have loved to see you in person at the shower, it was a really fun and creative way to celebrate and I'm glad I could be a part of it!!