Monday, October 13, 2008

Trip to Tampa and Orlando

I spent the week with Anne to celebrate her 30th birthday and to have a small baby shower. We had a great weekend in Orlando partially thanks to Dad sharing his time share with us. We ended up getting upgraded into a three bedroom suite, almost bigger then our house!

The living area

Friday we celebrated Anne's birthday by attending a murder mystery dinner in Orlando
Then on Saturday Anne threw me a small but fun Baby shower. We woke up early and decorated the hotel suite and then played some fun games.

Anne and Erin making Cookies for on top of the cupcakes
The finished cupcakes
The table all set up (we couldn't decide between Winnie the Pooh and Noah's Ark so we did a little of both)
Anne found some great kids poetry books to hand out as favors.
One "game" was for everyone to create a hand painted onesie for the baby. Some of them turned out really well...our baby will have the coolest clothes around.
We also had diaper races. Erin had never put a diaper on a kid before. She had the fastest time but her diaper would have leaked everywhere so Anne clenched the win instead.
Anne and I finished out the weekend by spending some money at the Disney shops and then heading for Tampa.
It was a great week and lots of fun for me to spend time with family and other girls. I can't wait for Anne to come here next.

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