Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thanksgiving, family and growing boys

What a great Thanksgiving, Dad and Sophie came for a visit, I cooked my first turkey, we went on a trip into the city and enjoyed good food and good company.

Orson's school had a feast the week before Thanksgiving, watching Orson sing his silly turkey and pie song was a lot of fun.

Dad and Sophie's visit was awesome
 Theodore with his Godmother
 Dad playing with the boys (I think they spend more time flying and hanging upside down the right side up!)
 Theodore wanted in on the Grandpa action

 Grandpa Bob (or Pots as Ferdinand says) also stayed for dinner

Dinner went well, we grilled the turkey, ate all the fixings and enjoyed good wine (It was Sophie's first American style Thanksgiving Feast)

 and ended with Apple pie and homemade cinnamon ice cream (which Dad and I polished off later in the evening with two forks and wine during a game of cards with Sophie)

Then we tried to take family pictures...

 I finally found a way to get all three boys to hold still for a picture
 Unfortunately it took  smooshing Grandpa Jones (Ferdinand decided Beepop was a good name for him)

 More upside down
 T didn't want to be left out

 Baby Loves!

 Walking the Mall in DC was a lot of fun in the cold

 Ferdinand kept asking if all the statues were Jesus and then switched to calling them all Daddies at the Korean Monument....

 What a great week.

Theodore went in for his 6 month check up the following week.  He is our biggest guy. 18.6lbs and 29 inches.  He didn't like his vaccines very much and actually took his first trip to the ER because he was having trouble keeping food down.  He seemed to enjoy all the individual attention, heres hoping he doesn't make a habit of it :)

Theodore loves playing trains with Orson and really anything to do with O.  Orson was the first one to make him laugh and still gets a smile as soon as T spots him.

 He is sitting well and fully mobile when on the floor (he slides, rolls and schooches)
 He is full of fun faces 

 and has perfected looking pathetic when sick 

He lights up whenever Matt is in the room or he even thinks Matt might be coming in the room

He loves to cuddle (especially in the middle of the night)
And looks shockingly like me at this age

And when he nurses he always wants to hold my hand.  He also look so much like Orson did at this age that sometimes in the middle of the night when we are nursing I look down and I get a glimpse of O as a baby and get the double joy of holding my newest son close and my oldest son (so hard to hold on to these days) again.

T and F have a very interesting relationship.  They love each other but fight over Dad time and F doesn't like to be in pictures with T. Ferdinand calls him Baby Tie and has taken to putting all of his animals and toy to sleep while saying "Go to sleep Baby Tie." Ha!

Here is what picture taking with F usually looks like
and here is maybe the only picture of him and Baby Tie

F had his two year check up on the same day as T's 6 month.  He is 2 ft 11 inches and 30lbs.  He talks up a storm and everyday adds new words and sentences to his repertoire. Favorite phrases are "I did it" "walk in the mall?" "Idea?" "No, no, yes, no, yes" "I eat"

He is also super silly, picks on Orson, loves music and just plain full of it.  He is at the completely adorable stage and loves it.

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