Thursday, December 12, 2013

Musings during advent

 As I try to truly prepare for the coming of God made man, as I try to carry Christ in me just as Mary did

Lately, somewhat inspired by the Pope, somewhat inspired by my past work and upbringing, somewhat inspired by articles and books of faith and saints and stories of despair in the news and maybe greatly inspired by motherhood, I look around and see such excess in our life. I feel neglectful and dismayed at the abundance and lack of true gratefulness. How can I redirect the want of things (in myself, in my children, in my husband) to a spirit of giving, a want of time together. A joy in what is here and now. How can we as a family of little ones (so often overwhelmed in daily life by small things) help others next door, around the corner, across the ocean have want they need and maybe a little of what they want, while accepting a little less of what we want.

I sit up at night and think of the horror of taking the place of other mothers,

Of watching my children grow up or die in war torn places. Never feeling safe in our own home.

Of being unable to provide a house to my children like many homeless in our own country.

Of being looked down upon by those with enough because "I just haven't tried hard enough to get a good enough education or a well thought of job" so therefore my family just doesn't deserve our dreams.

Of being displaced from my country or having recently moved to find opportunity and not speaking the language of my new country that I don't deserve respect and that my children must be criminals.

Why have we become complacent in our good fortune (no matter how small or large)? Why do we complain that what we have doesn't spread far enough?
How do I present Jesus to the world if I cannot share in these struggles with compassion? How do I help my children to see past the surface to Christ underneath?

I saw this picture on a blog while looking for other information.  Mary pregnant and preparing for Jesus.

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