Monday, May 7, 2012

Orson update

I need to write about the big brother of our house.  Orson has grown so much in the last few months.  He just isn't my baby anymore and in fact insists that "No, I big" when I call him my baby.  He is really into categorizing things into big, bigger, little and baby.  Food, people, cars, trucks, poops, toys, everything.  He is also into telling me stories about what he has done, what he wants to do and super fantastical things that happen in his pretend world of robots, tigers, Grandpas, planes and friends.  

Wearing Daddy's glasses:

Today I went to my first parent teacher conference with his preschool teacher.  I admit that I was nervous, his first few months in preschool were rough, he was unhappy about the move, jealous of his brother and trying to find his feet in a whole new world.  The first words out of the teacher's mouth were "Orson has improved by leaps and bounds, he is such a joy to watch grow!"  My heart melted and I was reminded that even when I am in the trenches with him, what I see and what he is to others is totally different.  He has things to work on like listening, following directions, using his words, counting and standing on one leg, but he has things that he is great at too.  He works on things until he gets them (trying to stand on one leg has been his thing at home lately, now I know he is practicing for school), he plays well with friends and likes to be social, he is PATIENT!!! (what? my kid patient???) and knows how to take turns, he gives hugs to say he is sorry and when someone is upset, he likes to learn and figure new things out, he is kind to kids that are smaller then he is, he can string beads, open his own lunch box and go potty all on his own.  My little man is awesome! and on days when breakfast goes horribly and he doesn't follow any of my directions and he just wants to be silly and drive me crazy, I need to remember all the things my little, loving, joyful, hopeful man does so well.  I need to step back and see what others see.

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